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 A seaside resort in Lincolnshire








My thoughts and very best wishes are with John and his family at this time. 


तूर्णमारोग्यमस्तु (tūrnamārogyamastu)

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It's an age since I have been to a gig and then two come by at once. Typical !

The first one is the best of the bunch. The last time I had seen the Rubes was in Maldon, Essex and that seemed like years ago to me. I decided that I just had to remedy that and thought I would get myself down to good old Skegness

I keep getting flashbacks when I go to Butlins, as I spent some really nice holidays when I was about 14. I used to go to Bognor and Clacton (Essex). I really must find the photo of me sitting at the table in the infamous dinner hall, dressed in - yes I really am dressed in a Rubettes top (I even did them myself in those days too) with my Rubettes scarf around my waist and my Alan Williams heart necklace. Must get back to the plot of the review, as I have seemed to have wandered a bit.

It was a good old 70's weekend again. I really do love these themed breaks as they really rock and no-one cares what they look like. Platforms, hotpants, tanktops and flares are essential. I have tended to stay away from the flares and platforms now !! What with my back ??

We arrived Friday night in torrential rain. It was just awful. I had to park the car miles away as well and that meant we were destined for a total soaking. I was right, we got drenched. The wind was howling as well so we took about five steps forward and got blown back fifteen. We arrived late so we didn't have to queue to get the keys to our Gallery Apartment (Wow, sounds great, doesn't it). When we actually found it (signposts and lights are seriously lacking in this place ! Take note Butlins) We were pleasantly surprised. Two huge rooms, kitchen and sitting room - I was impressed. Butlins have undertaken an enormous
re-furbishment plan and it looks like they have finally got it right. We were so weary by now that we decided to have a quick bite, watch some tv and then turn in early. Weather was quite bad anyway.

Saturday - dawned a little better and after we had our breakfast, we ventured out to explore. Most of the entertainment is under a canopy, which looks like a deflated Dome. My first priority was to find out where the boys were going to be on. That sorted out we went into the other theatre and had a great afternoon, listening to 70's music and dancing to the bands that were on. That evening we went back and watched a bootleg Eagles group. I adore the Eagles, so was thrilled. After that, we had an original reggae group from the 70's - Desmond Dekker (famous for the hit song, The Israelites).

Sunday was a much better day. I could feel the excitement growing from the moment I woke up. I couldn't wait for the evening to come. We spent another lovely afternoon again watching some 70's groups. There was a group called Koocachoo, who were very good indeed and were dressed the part with the spiky hair and amazing skin-tight, brightly coloured jumpsuits. They sang all my favourite 70's tunes - My Coo ca choo, Ballroom Blitz, Wigwam Bam (who remembers the dance - I do !!!). The real treat of the afternoon was Dr and the Medics. This guy is completely A1 mad. He had a bit of a cold he said but I remember he always sang like that. Spirit in the Sky was their only hit in the UK and there was a show on about one hit wonders, and they featured on it. The Dr said at the time, that they did not have much material and he did one gig where he sang Spirit in the Sky for nearly the whole set!! Amazing, I say. They had this snow machine on stage and at the end they sang their Christmas song while this snow machine covered everyone on the dance floor.

We left after Dr and the Medics had finished and went back to have something to eat. We had to get back to the theatre for when the doors opened at 7pm, so that we could get up the front. You just gotta be up the front when the boys are on - right?? Just to be sure, we queued at 6.30pm and were indeed the first ones there. I wore the t-shirt featured on this page and of course, old faithful, my jacket.

The Rubes were going to be on at 11pm. Top of the bill, original band. We had a bootleg band on first, playing their tribute to Thin Lizzy. I am not really into this kind of music and so found it a little loud but we persevered and sang along to the bits we knew.

Then we had a break before the guys came on. John wandered on to check the drum kit and we waved to each other. It was really good to see him. There wasn't much else happening, except I met up with a girl I had seen twice before, once at Covent Garden and then at Maldon. We had a quick chat. Then came the announcement and the intro. The staunch fans were up in a flash and I was so glad I was down the front. I had missed them and it was good to be back again. They all looked really good, as you can see from the montage above. I was really anxious to see Mark Haley, as he has been such a sweetheart and we have had some lovely chats by email.  Mark, just like to say, you fitted in so naturally that it was like you had always been there.

I was ecstatic at the choice of songs for their set. Tracks that I haven't heard live since 1974. It was a real nostalgia trip for me. Way back in the fifties is a favourite of mine and it was good to hear it. Mark played Millennium and I loved it. Mick sang Baby, I know - good stuff. There was a slight problem with the sound and this resulted in John's talking bits not coming across too well. Putting that aside, it was a great show and I glanced behind me into a sea of smiling faces, singing their hearts out. When the show ended and it was all too soon for me, Mark leaned over and gave me a piece of paper. I was a bit puzzled at first and then realised that he was trying to tell me that he had recognised me.

After it was all over, people started to drift off but we of course, stayed. I met another nice lady who I have met several times before - Hi Linda! Mark appeared and I went over to meet him. We had a nice chat and I was taken aback at his praise for my efforts on the website and he seemed taken with my t-shirt. The picture here does not really do it justice. The Rubettes logo was very sparkly and painted a fluorescent green, so that the light shone off of it. I had to get my photo and as you can probably see, I got kinda cosy. He couldn't have been more friendly and patient. Lovely, lovely guy. He left then and went to get John. I always light up when I see him. We hugged and had a chat about a few things. He came over and chatted with my Mum - she always loves to see him too. He had a cold and wasn't feeling too good. I told him about not being able to hear him properly. We chatted for a while longer and then his attention was taken by the other people who were there. Alan came out next and sat on the stage. I went to talk to him - he is the one I adore, after all. We chatted about the sound and a few other things. He also mentioned the t-shirt and said he liked it. I told him that next time he saw me, I would be wearing another one. I really enjoy doing them even though they take up some time to design. The only one who did not show, was naughty Mick, who I hear went off for a sneaky burger. Shame on you, Mick, we all wanted to see you and I didn't get my hug!! We all wandered off after, tired but happy.