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On May 2nd the Glitz, Blitz and 70's Hitz the sell out tour came to an end. I managed to get along to two gigs, the first on April 21st and the second on the final night.

On our first night, I remember we were eating Chinese in a restaurant opposite the theatre. We didn't realise how much food we had ordered until it started arriving. We did not have time to eat it all, so we ended up leaving most of it and rushing out of the restaurant five minutes before the show was due to start. That's dedication for you

Both nights were packed to the rafters and there was a great atmosphere.

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My thoughts and very best wishes are with John and his family at this time. 


तूर्णमारोग्यमस्तु (tūrnamārogyamastu)

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  May 2nd

I've got to say that the last night was certainly full of surprises. We arrived in good time and I had on my Rubettes 25th Anniversay t-shirt and the jacket (how could I go anywhere without it). The show started just after 7.30pm (although, it did say on the flyer 8pm) Our boys were on first, dressed in their original white with the Rubettes logo emblazoned across the back (ahh, just like the good old days) but were by no means a warm up act. They came on to a darkened stage and struck up with a few lines from Sugar Baby Love. To this they received raucous applause.

They then started their set. I was very pleased to hear them sing Little Darling, which I haven't heard them sing at any other UK gig before. They also sang Kid Runaway. Alan made a little joke saying this was a major flop because no-one bought it the first time around but as they were selling their albums out in they foyer, it was a good chance to buy it again. Alan implied that as they didn't ever sell many albums there would be one for each of the audience. There was a little bit of messing around at this point. There was supposed to be three stools and only one arrived. Mick was chatting to the audience and Alan was just kind of looking at the stool and messing around with it. This went on while Mick continued to chat. Then Mick realised that no-one was listening to him anymore and was all looking at Alan. Then when Alan sat down on it, someone off stage made a very rude noise. We had a feeling that there were going to be some practical jokes played that evening. Alan finally settled down to play guitar and sing, with Bill and Mick joining in. It's a super track and guys, you sang it so beautifully.



 Some theatres are happy to let you dance in the aisles, while others don't like it at all. I know these people are only doing their jobs but I wish they wouldn't be so harsh on people who just want to have a good time, but people will always find a way of dancing somehow. The Rubes got everyone up even though it was just out of their seats. Alan is great at getting people up and rocking, although  it doesn't take me long to be up. I get very restless as soon as I see them.

They went through I Can Do It, Tonight, Juke Box Jive, Baby, I Know, Sugar Baby Love and Foe Dee Oh Dee. They were very well received and I was so pleased to see people singing along to the tracks. I get a lot out of seeing other people enjoy the things that I love.

 Next up was Alvin Stardust. Now, I have gotta say that Alvin was never a favourite of mine back in the 70's but after seeing him on these two occasions, I have changed my mind. He has incredible energy and gave excellent performances. I was very impressed at his repertoire and he had a great backing band. He sang some really great tracks : 2-4-6-8 Motorway, Johnny Be Good, Feels like Buddy Holly, Jealous Mind, Red Dress, My Coo ca Choo.

There was a very interesting rendition of Red Dress ( I wasn't allowed to take photographs and was cross, as this would have raised many a Rubette fan's eyebrows).
Half way through the song, for those of you who don't know Alvin very well. It's about a girl dancing in a red dress - simple huh ? Alan, Bill and Mick came out. The thing was that Alan and Bill were both wearing red dresses. Alan looked hilarious. He had enormous saggy boobs and great big boots on. He topped it off with a long, black wig. Bill also had a red dress on and black wig but he had googly eyes. Alan proceeded to give Alvin a peck on the cheek and showed the audience a shapely leg. Mick was dressed as a 50's teddy boy with a huge Elvis hair do. He took the 'girls' by the hand and danced around the stage with them. Alvin was doing his very best at singing the song but was breaking out into laughter.He had no idea that it was going to happen.

There was a 20 miniute interval, which gave us a chance to get an ice cream. Now, on all the other gigs, the Rubes have come out in the interval to sign autographs but on their LAST NIGHT !!! No sign of them !!!  Maybe they couldn't get their corsets off!!

GUYS, YOU HAD SOME VERY DISAPPOINTED PEOPLE THERE. WE WANTED TO SEE YOU !! We wouldn't have cared if you came out stiill dressed up

After the interval, we went back to our seats and another joke was hatching. This time it was on Suzi Quatro. Nearly all the audience had a newspaper or something to read. We apparently had to pretend we weren't the least bit interested in her when she came on. The introduction was made and on she came in her tight, black leather jumpsuit. What no applause ?? Everyone was too busy reading their papers. Suzi looked very puzzled and then she burst out laughing. "Did you guys all plan this ?" she shouted. We began to clap. She raced off and then back on again to a roaring applause. Suzi rocked and rolled her way through some great hits : The Wild One,Can the Can, 48 Crash, Can I Be Your Girl, Devil Gate Drive, If You Can't Give Me Love, She's In Love With You.


Suzi Quatro also has a huge amount of energy and she sure plays a mean guitar. I think she thought that they wouldn't play too many tricks on her because she is a lady but the best was yet to come. In certain sections, she gives her guitar to one of her crew, who goes off with it and then comes back when she needs it. On one of these occasions, the guitar went off as normal, but then it came back on in a totally different way.
It was carried back on by a a very attractive black guy who was - naked !!!

He side-stepped onto the stage with her guitar, firmly in front of him. Clenched between his teeth,was a flower for Suzi. She could not believe this and stood there with her mouth hanging open. The guy was grinning from ear to ear. Suzi, moved forward to get a better look at the guy. "I'm not sure I want the guitar now" she laughed. Some of the audience, including myself were on their feet and trying to get a better look too! Finally, he handed her the guitar and we realised that he was wearing a teeny, gold posing pouch. He spun around and showed us his bare bottom, (which was very nice indeed) It was very funny.

The evening ended with the Rubettes coming back on for a final bow and a few words of thanks and appreciation from Suzi. An altogether entertaining evening.