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My thoughts and very best wishes are with John and his family at this time. 


तूर्णमारोग्यमस्तु (tūrnamārogyamastu)

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JULY 3RD 1999


60's - 70's - 80's - 90's NIGHT

This was an excellent way to spend a warm,Saturday evening. I had booked very late for the Rubettes gig but am sure glad I did. I do find that these open air concerts are so well organised and the entertainment is always first class. Well done, Maldon, Essex for a spectacular show.


We arrived at the Promenade park at about 4.45pm to an already heaving throng. People were arriving with their picnic hampers and their chairs, preparing to have a relaxing evening. The queue moved fairly quickly though and we were through the gates before we realised it. There were many people already inside and finding a space was diffiicult. The map above shows the seating area in pink (a grass slope) and the yellow (sand) with the white part between the yellow and pink being a pathway. The stage, as you can see, was across part of a lake.We did manage to find a spot at the front of the grass verge.

The show started at 6pm. The compere dressed as Elvis, was a BBC Radio Essex DJ. He introduced the first act, a local choir, called Choirwood - they were a choir with a difference though. They did some great numbers from Grease, Happy Days and Rocky and danced as well as sang. After they had finished we had a break. I looked around at all the people, watching more and more go by, filling the park to capacity. I then spotted Alan Williams walking along. He was looking through the crowd and then he spotted me. He waved and I waved. Then, sadly he was gone (NO PICTURE, FOLKS)

The 60's band were Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich. They used to be called Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich but who knows what happened to Dave Dee ???
They may not be widely known but they did have a great hit with Xanadu. When they used to sing this song and get to the bit "At Xanadu" there could be heard in the background the sound of a whip cracking. Very atmospheric. I think it would have been highly dangerous if they had brought a whip on stage so they had to improvise. We all sang along (well, the ones that were alive in the 60's and remembered them). They were on stage for quite a while and gave a good performance.

Bill Hurd made an appearance then and wandered past a few times ( I do wish that he didn't look so stern. He kind of scares me and I would like to talk to him but just can't. It's probably not his fault at all but mine. When Bill does smile though, it lights up his whole face and he looks really nice.)He went and sat on the grass verge behind me and was talking to some people.

There was a Rubette fan sitting in front of me, who I had seen on several other occasions and we actually got chatting. That was quite nice and I got very friendly with her 7 year old daughter, Sarah.

Well the moment arrived and as always, I got very excited when I heard the intro theme. On came the guys but the only disappointment was that they were so far away. TV SCREENS WOULD HAVE BEEN MOST WELCOME, THEN AT LEAST WE COULD HAVE SEEN THEM CLOSE UP.

Alan made a comment about the distance between them and us and asked us if would like to get closer. This would have meant a momentous swim across the lake. Even I, an ardent Rubettes fan could not have managed it (I can't swim, anyway). I had a feeling that they were a little disappointed themselves that there was such a gap between us. It did spoil it a bit.
We got up from the grass verge and rocked anyway. There was a constant surge of people walking along the pathway and they kept getting in the way of us and we kept on getting in the way of them - but did we care ? No, we just carried on. There hadn't been much activity with the rest of the crowd who were sitting all around but I know that when we got up and started to do our stuff we noticed that there were many people getting up too and dancing along with us. How can anyone not get up and dance when the guys are on. I managed to speak to the Elvis impersonator and told him to mention that the Rubettes were celebrating 25 years in the business.When the guys went off before coming back on for Sugar Baby Love, the compere did congratulate them on their 25 years. Great stuff. The crowd sang Sugar Baby Love in good voice and it really gave me a buzz. All too soon, it was over and they were gone. The crowd loved them and they got a fine send off. Well done again, lads - great as always !!

We had another break and I chatted with the Rubette fan and her daughter (thanks for the popcorn). Just then, I saw Mick wandering along. Anyone that knows me, knows that I just adore Mick Clarke. I jumped up and went over to him. He greeted me warmly as he always does and I got a kiss. I said that it was a shame that they had been so far away and looked tiny. He said that we had looked tiny too. I got my photo though and showed him the special t-shirt that I had done for the Rubettes for their 25th anniversary. I got another kiss and hug. Mick then went on his way but was soon back and gave me a lovely wave again as he went past.

Mick Clarke - bless you -

you are sooooo nice and cuddly.




 It was quite dark when the 80's group Imagination came on. I was quite into Imagination as I remember and like all their songs.. Leee John still sounds so soulful when he sings. He really has got a distinctive voice and you'd know it anywhere. They were doing dance routines that were very energetic. Tracks like Body Talk, Just an Illusion, Music and Lights and Flashback, went down a storm. I think Leee had about 5 changes of outfit. Again, the performance was marred by the fact that we couldn't see them all that well. The music was excellent though.

Now we knew that there were going to be fireworks but we had a treat in store ! We were entertained by more music which was accompanied by water foutains, lasers, dancers and then fireworks. It was a truly brilliant display. Around 11 o clock it ended with even more fireworks as a finale. Wonderful. The tickets were cheap but the everning certainly wasn't. Well done to everyone involved.