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Paper Lace






My thoughts and very best wishes are with John and his family at this time. 


तूर्णमारोग्यमस्तु (tūrnamārogyamastu)

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Sunday, is normally a lazy day for me with not much to do. Sunday, 30th August, however, was a day with lots to do. We were going somewhere special.

We drove up the M1 motorway and took Junction 12 for Toddington. Today, was Rubettes day.

The Fancott Arms, Toddington is just a little pub that you might stop at.
You might fancy a nice cold beer on a hot Sunday afternoon and think that here would do nicely.

But this pub has something extra. It has a very large field attached to the back of it, where concerts are regularly held. I parked my car next to the five that were already there (I was very early, as I always am). We bought our tickets and went through.

There were quite a few people milling around but as it was still quite early, there wasn't a lot going on.
We decided to go and have a pint. I was dressed as always, in my own design t-shirt and the jacket. I tend to get quite a few looks when I wear the jacket

(either people think I'm crazy or they like it - who knows !!!)
I was very pleased that the pub had got the atmosphere spot on, they were playing a Rubettes tape. Talk about putting me in the perfect mood !!!

We sat down and relaxed, watching people arrive. After a short while, Alex Bines came in wearing a very fetching pair of red shorts.

I finished my chat and made sure I got this photograph.


Later, we went outside and got our places in front of the stage. People were sitting on chairs and we made sure we had ours. The place was really filling up now and the DJ was playing 70's music to get people in the mood. I was then joined by two other Rubette partners in crime. (Nice to see you, girls!)
It was now around 4 o' clock and time for Paper Lace to come on.

Now, for those of you who are saying "Paper who ??" Paper Lace was another band that I quite liked back in the 70's.
Their main hit was "Billy, Don't Be a Hero." It's about a guy, who goes to war and leaves his bride-to-be behind. She wants him to come back all in one piece, so that they can get married. But - yes - you guessed it
, he gets his head blown off ( or was he hacked to death ?) Whatever his grisly death was, he wasn't going to have no wedding night ( a bit of confusion there, I think Alan ??). So Billy, bless him, was a hero after all, which completely brassed off his fiancee.
I like this song though, because the words are sooo cheerful.
I was impressed with Paper Lace's performance and they still sounded as good as the last time (1974)

There was a break after they finished. This gave me an opportunity to seek out Mick Clarke. I was greeted with a big hug and a kiss, which is just typically Mick.
That guy, he is so nice and always has time for you.
He's my big guy and I always want to give him a big bear hug when I see him.
Luv ya Mick.

I had to convince him that I really didn't want him to take a picture of me but that I wanted one of him. Robin was kind enough to take the picture. As you can see from the photograph, Mick was keeping his head warm, even though it was over 70 degrees that day !!




Mick, you'd be the ultimate fashion guru but only if you turned the hat round.
The other picture was just a bit of fun and Mick thought the jacket was really good.


I wandered back to my seat in readiness for the big moment. The introduction was made and on came our heros.
I won't say too much but just let you see the pictures. All I'll say is that - Alan, you looked very scrummy.




After the show, we had another chat with Mick, who tried to give us a drink of red wine.

(Mick, it was horrible and thanks very much - NOT!!)

We said goodbye to him and Alex at least five times.
We were waiting for Alan to come out of their wigwam dressing room. We knew he was in there and Mick told us to go in. To my mind, people deserve privacy, so I really couldn't bring myself to go in and disturb him.

(Anyway, he may not have been decent !!)
I think we waited a good half an hour but I would have waited another half an hour

(who's the crazy person, here ??)
Finally, Alan came out and I knew it had been worth the wait. Alan was just lovely, as always. He chatted for a long time to us. We were quite cheeky with him but he took it all in good fun. He is such a cutie pie. Thanks, Alan.

24 years on and he still manages to make my heart beat just that little bit faster. He has only to smile and that's it for me.


 After Alan had departed, we made our way back in to the heaving crowd. Showaddywaddy were now on stage and in full swing. For those who don't know these guys, they are a band who mainly do Rock and Roll. They have a lot of hit records behind them and are a great crowd puller, wherever they go. I think they are a lot of fun and really get the crowd going. They did some great classics

"Under the Moon of Love"

"Pretty Little Angel Eyes"

"Hey, Rock and Roll" 

"Three Steps to Heaven"

The only disappointing part of the show was the fact there were no lights on stage. The Rubettes were fine, as they performed while it was still light. Showaddywaddy had a tough time of it and they made reference to this. I do think that it was unfair that there were no facility made for lighting. Fancott Arms, please take note and give a thought for the performers and the paying public.

My overall opinion of the day was

7 out of 10

Paper Lace.


9 out of 10.

What's that ??  I've just been told, I can't do 20 out of 10 for the Rubettes.

What the heck ! I can make up my own rules.

After all - it's my page !!

Watch out for more reviews -

See ya !