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Assembly Rooms
London E17


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Also appearing were
Suzi Quatro

The Burns Bros
(appearance of
Pia (Gaurangi) Richardson)

The Most
(with Scott Richardson)

Moon Williams






My thoughts and very best wishes are with John and his family at this time. 


तूर्णमारोग्यमस्तु (tūrnamārogyamastu)

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Food for Life London
John Richardson's Earth Restoration project in Orissa, India.

Friday,11th December 1998






Walthamstow was well and truly rocked on Friday night!! If you weren't there, then I hate to tell you that you missed the best evening - ever !!!

I had a nightmare journey to get there and it took me (yes, Mr Gower, I am going to say it again) 3 HOURS !!! I am a London based lass, so it shouldn't have taken me all that long to get there but I had a car accident on the way over. Neither a car accident or a 3 hour journey is going to stop me from seeing my fave bunch of guys. I also had another reason for being there. I was going to see a very special person - John Richardson.

The line of people snaked their way far back from the main door and I realised I had cut if very fine on my arrival. I was pleased to see such an enthusiastic turn out. We all slowly moved through the main door, as more people joined the queue.

We were invited to sit in seats reserved for John's family and friends, so we sat second row from the front. This was a lovely surprise. John was milling around and chatting with everyone, as is his usual thing. He is so friendly. Soon the hall was full and everyone was expectantly waiting for the show to start.

I was chatting with my Mum when someone walked over to me and gave me a bag. I was a little perplexed at first but when I opened the bag and saw what was inside, I was so thrilled !
I am going to keep this little secret to myself, so there is no point anyone asking me what was in there !!! What I will tell you is, that the person who had just given me a present, was a certain M. Gower.
For those of you who know all the Rubettes tracks, you should go and check who wrote 'Dancing in the Rain'. OK, so now you know. Mick Gower contacted me by e-mail and I wrote back. You can imagine what I thought when I finally met him. How did he recognise me - well, the jacket does come in handy as an ice breaker.
Does this make my jacket famous ?

I want to thank Mick for thinking of me, giving me those lovely presents and being such excellent company for the evening. Bless you.

The first band on were the Burns Brothers - Gerry and Bob. They were an exciting group and played some great tracks. Great stuff, guys ! They brought on as their special guest - Pia (Guarangi). For those of you who don't know her, Pia is John's lovely daughter. She has recorded an album - Benediction Moon (It is an amazing album and you've gotta get it). She sang 'Don't go breaking my heart', a hit for Elton John and Kiki Dee back in the 70's.

The next band up was The Most. The band was fronted by John's son, Scott. Their repertoire was equally varied and a lot of fun. Next we enjoyed the talents of the only white man to win a black music artist contest - soul singer Moon Williams. He sang the classic Marvin Gaye track, 'What's going on' He was fantastic. So if there is anyone out there who would like to contact Moon Williams and listen to his brilliant voice, drop me an e-mail and I'll pass your information onto Moon.

We had a short interlude at 9.30pm. This was the time for the auction. They were auctioning off two items, one was Suzi Quatro's tour jacket and the other - wait for it - a Juke Box Jive gold disc. The excitement began to grow as the bidding started to go up for Suzi's jacket. It finally went for just over £400. They then went on to the gold disc. The bidding shot up like crazy and when it reached £500 (young lady behind me had her hand up the whole time), we all thought that surely that would be it - but no - up it went again. It finally reached £675. Great result !! There was a raffle after that and the prizes included a camcorder, golfing lessons, hi-fi and beauty treatments.

The Rubettes bounced on at 10pm. This gave all those Rubette lovers the chance to get right down by the stage. Lovely ! They started with Juke Box Jive.


After a few songs, it suddenly went very quiet and all that could be heard was a faint ringing sound. I knew that it had to be John and sure enough it was. He came on and as a joke, he was dressed in a robe and ringing some tiny cymbals. It was very funny and I thought John was a great sport. Alan made a comment that if he was lost, he could direct him to Oxford Street. (Hare Krishna followers can be found sometimes in Oxford Street).
I would like to point out that John is a very serious Hare Krishna devotee and would not wish to offend anyone or any religion. It is purely his good sense of fun. John took the hint and left the stage, but was back in seconds, dressed in the most amazing pink suit with pink shoes to match.
John, you looked magic.

Alan introduced John to an ecstatic round of applause. He explained that he had not played with the Rubettes for 15 years. I was told by a reliable source that John was just a weeny bit nervous. I knew it meant a lot to him that all his friends and family were there to support him.


Introductions over, John sang the song I love to hear him sing, 'Under One Roof'. He had a piece of paper in his hand and then put on his really cute little glasses.

 Mick sang 'After the Goldrush' and John joined the guys on the harmonies. He did Barbara Ann too and was really enjoying himself. John then swapped places with Alex Bines and did his bit on the drums. Suzi Quatro was introduced and came on in a stunning, black skintight outfit. She did two tracks with the guys and John backed her.


The Rubettes then launched into their 'Soul Medley' These segued tracks are definitely growing on me and I find myself already singing the next intro before they get there and doing the dance moves. Crazy!
We were treated yet again to Moon Williams' great voice as he sang 'Soul Man' and helped out Bill on '6345789'. Everyone was having a rocking and rolling time, clapping, singing and most of all dancing. I knew what would be coming soon and I was looking forward to it.
John played the intro that makes me go all quivery. I really don't know what makes the intro to 'Tonight' do that to me but it does and it always does, every single time. When I play the CD and I know it's coming up next, I hold my breath until it's over and then I put it on again and again...... Weird thing is, is that it only happens when John plays it.

'Tonight was made for me and my baby, to hold, oh so tight and all the darkness will fade away.
The light in your eyes - Tonight

It was 1974, when I heard John say those words for the first time - live. 1974 was back again on this Friday night. I was, just for a few seconds, looking at John and the other Rubettes as they were then. It was like stepping into a time machine. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. He also sang 'Sha - Na - Na'. That's also a great song.


John was sponsored to do a drum solo. He drummed frantically for 3 minutes, which gave him a generous £3000 from one of his main supporters. Well done, John !

Alex came back and took his familiar seat again for 'I Can Do It'. It was soon after that, that Alan realised that they were over-running a bit. We didn't want them to go and neither did they . They couldn't possibly go without singing Numero Uno.
John came back for that and it really was the best. He put on the familiar hat and did his vocal bit in the middle - WOW - JUST GREAT!!
John said he was going to throw the hat into the crowd and to get ready. We all got ready, up it soared then down it came - at my feet ! I swear it was not fixed and I couldn't believe it myself. So, I am now the proud owner of John's hat. He was grinning and shouted out "Michele, you got my hat" Well, you know now that everyone will think it was a total fix. It wasn't - honest.


They finished the whole thing with a track from Kula Shaker - Tattva. Sounds very Hare Krishna. It was a brilliant track.
Everyone who had played that night - except Suzi came back on and sang the song. Scott and Alex played the bongos. It was all over too soon. John got thunderous applause and began to introduce the band to the audience. He was very particular in thanking Alex Bines for letting him sit in for the night. John is so appreciative of everything and anything that people do for him. What a guy !!. I found his sincerity in thanking Alex, very touching.


After the show, friends (which included me) and family were all invited backstage.
We had a great time and I had a lovely chat with Pia. She is such a sweet and friendly girl, she's also the absolute image of John. I couldn't believe it and had to tell her so.
Mick Gower and I were chatting with anyone and everyone. Did I tell you he is completely barmy. I was approached by another person who asked if I was the website lady. I said I was and how did he recognise me. I have decided to let the jacket do the website while I go on holiday to the Bahamas.
I even got to speak to the very first fan club secretary - from all those years back. Big hi to Chrissie. John's wife, Cherrille was there and so was Christina Williams.
There was a lovely vegetarian buffet with strawberries, grapes, sandwiches, mince pies and non alcoholic drinks, laid out in the Green Room. I managed to track down John. He was positively beaming. I introduced him to my mum, who was very taken with him.
I can tell you John that you have another fan. We had a laugh about the hat landing at my feet. I then got the best photograph of all. It is the one I have always wanted.


Mick and I then went off to find the others. We found Alan chatting in the hall way and so we went over for a quick chat. We also spoke to Mick Clarke. There were so many Micks about, it was getting very confusing.


I saw John as I was leaving and threw my arms around his neck for a huge hug goodbye. He thanked me for coming and I told him what a great night it had been. He waved good bye to my mum and asked me to give her a hug from him. She was really touched by that.

I think this gig made a wonderful ending to 1998.

Just having John around is special enough for me and I always thank him for what he
does for my inner spirit. Much love to both John and Jan for all they do.

Hare Krishna

Take care Rubettes fans everywhere and keep up the appreciation!!