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Rubettes are born.
Alan Williams, John Richardson,
Bill Hurd, Tony Thorpe, Mick Clarke and Peter Arnesen are a group of session singers.
They record the track they performed at the session and see it shoot to No. 1

'Sugar Baby Love'.

Summer of 1974 'Tonight' released and Fan Club launched.

First album - 'Wear It's 'At'.

Late 1974 - Juke Box Jive released and Peter Arnesen leaves the band.



Rubettes meet the President of France.

They also play in front of 25,000 French fans.

Second album 'We Can Do It' released




Rubettes go to Japan.

It's also a great year for releases:
'You're the Reason Why'
'Under One Roof' - No. 3 in Germany
'Allez Oop'

Albums :

'Sign of the Times'
'The Best of'




'Baby I Know' is in the UK Top Ten charts.

Singles released : 'Ooh La La',
'Ladies of Laredo', 'Come On Over' and 'Cherie Amour'.

Album 'Baby I Know' released.



'Somewhere In Oldchurch' single taken from the album of the same name. This track features Rick Westwood of the Tremeloes.

Other singles released : 'Goodbye Dolly Gray',
'Little '69'


Album :

'Still Unwinding' released.

This was a sad year as Tony Thorpe leaves the band. Bob Benham, another ex-Tremeloe joins the band.
Rubettes become one of the first bands to appear in communist Poland.

John Richardson has a chance to play with Roxy Music but decides to stay with the Rubettes.



Singles released this year:
'Stay With Me'
'Kid Runaway'

No albums released.




This year proves to be another sad year for the Rubettes as John Richardson decides that he no longer wants to tour with the band.
John wishes to concentrate on his alternative therapy and Hare Krishna.

Alan Williams records a solo
album and a few singles.
His brilliant song 'Doing Things With You' is picked up and used for a commercial.

Mick Clarke goes back to session work and although he joins the Rubettes for revival gigs, he will finally leave in 1987.

Singles released:



'Stuck On You'
'I Can't Give You Up'




'Don't Come Crying'




This year, a decade on from when the Rubettes originally started, becomes a revival for 70's music.

Alan regroups with Bill and Mick.
They have a new addition,    Alex Bines, who comes in as drummer.

Singles released:



'Keep On Dancing'



'New Way of Loving You'


 Album release for this year:
'The Best of'




Albums released for this year:
'Riding on a Rainbow'
'The Singles Collection' - Goes Gold in France.




Mick Clarke returns to the fold




Twenty year celebration with a 47 date tour of the UK.  (PHEW!!!)

Single release :

They have plenty to Smile about

1998 to present day

Touring in the UK and Europe






My thoughts and very best wishes are with John and his family at this time. 


तूर्णमारोग्यमस्तु (tūrnamārogyamastu)

Image result for krishnan images wishing good health


70'S Image Gallery

Haben die Rubettes
Angst vor Deutschland?

Unfortunately, my German is not very good and so I apologise in advance if my translation is totally off.  The full picture can be seen on the Tribute page.

 The headline is

Have the Rubettes a fear of Germany ?

Rubettes have already been to Germany more than five times

Bravo : There was a Germany tour promised for November, but nothing came of it. Why?

Alan:  We arrived on the 3rd and 4th November in Berlin, to appear in a show broadcast at Rias Berlin.
All other dates we have had to move unfortunately, because we had to produce our new single "Under One Roof".

Bravo: Can you tell us about your hot new single?

John:  The title is "1999" and is about the end of the world.  The song is quite shocking and in the spirit of "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.

Bravo: You are a successful pop group. What is your fear of Germany?

Tony: We are not afraid but we have a problem in Germany, we are too big to play in small discos but too small to fill the large concert halls.  No organiser has made a reasonable offer.  But now we have taken the matter into our own hands.

Bravo: This time we want to pin you down.  When will you give us the so long promised tour of Germany?

Mick:  In the Spring, one hundred percent. It will probably be our German fans who will be the first to see our entirely new Rubettes show. Since our last album "Sign of the Times", we have a new sound.  John has been tinkering in his garage for months working on a mad effects machine.  The thing is so secret that he wouldn't even let any of us see it.